Software Engineer / Consultant

Who Am I ?

I am a software engineer developing WEB an Embedded System.

Klaus Kwon

Mobile Hunter CEO

I hope to introduce me as a creative software engineer and architect, because I have never stopped studying new technology and software development. Additionally, I am a proper team player. Since I have started team management for UK Vodafone project in 2004, I have continuously managed teams as a team leader or project manager for more than 12 years. I believe I accumulated own know-how in order to work together and overcome the difficult situation through these happy times.

Now, I am performing web and mobile application development projects but I am looking for new opportunity. Not long ago, I managed new business development group as a director in eWIDEPLUS – my previous company. Before then, I was CTO of PT. ACCESS Indonesia in Jakarta. Even though I was a manager these days, I love to write and analyze source code. So I always have my own modules and was responsible for that in projects.

Even though my career has been focused on software engineer and architect filed, I became interested in MIS(Management Information System) in university and then I studied Accounting and Economics. That experience improved me to understand out of development environment. So I can smoothly support customer and help revenue generation also. I can manage multiple simultaneous projects for my company to pursue the targets after understanding what customer wanted.

I think the most important thing of projects is customer satisfaction. So I always tried to satisfy our customer and never forget our customer is not only our outside real customer but also my colleagues or other teams of our company. In order to satisfy them, I think the attitude to do my best with positive mind is the key. I experienced the positive mind could make me overcome a lot of difficult situation but sometimes I recognized I could not do everything alone. So I prefer a team player but I can also work very well independently in pursuit of company goals.



Mobile Hunter
Sep 2015 ~ Present

I am managing projects and looking for new business in information technology field.

• Equipment Reservation System development
• Questionnaire Management System development
• Battery Analyzer development
• Battery Cell Classification System development
• Manufacturing process management web application
• Hardware controlling firmware of battery
• Mobile application for baby temperature device


Mobile Hunter
Dec 2018 ~ Aug 2015 (1 year 9 months)

eWIDEPLUS is WEB agency which supports plan, design, development, and marketing of web/mobile. Additionally, we associated with beacon hardware company in order to support IoT(sensor) business. Moreover, we are interested in AppStore business. So we are supporting Android and Tizen AppStore management now.

- Developing WAN Optimization (TCP Acceleration) and Beacon-based IoT Back-End System.
- Managing engineering teams in order to conduct our SI projects and look for a new business opportunity in ICT field.
- Operating smart device platform ecosystem (Samsung Galaxy Apps & Tizen App Store)


PT. ACCESS Mobile Indonesia
Oct 2012 ~ Oct 2013 (1 year 7 months)

PT. ACCESS Indonesia was established October 2011 after making advertisement business with Informedia, which is the biggest advertisement agency in Indonesia. I joined April 2012 in order to develop new business possibility and expend the current sales in technical side. We delivered Advertisement Solution to Informedia and then PT. ACCESS and Telkom RDC were collaborating to deploy and operate advertiser and developer web for Telkom application store. We were concentrating on ebook business for Telkomsel, DB Komik, Digitama and other branches and I was organizing new cost-effective R&D center in Jakarta as a technical division leader.

Senior Software Architect

Oct 2006 ~ Dec 2013 (7 year 3 months)

ACCESS delivers services and technologies for three principal business areas - Media Services, Applications and Platforms. Main product was a NetFront browser application in the early days. With this capability, ACCESS rapidly moved to Linux Platform business after acquiring Palm source at September 2005. ACCESS invested all resources to provide LiMo phone to Orange with Samsung. According to this kind of requirement, we organized platform group in ACCESS Seoul. Platform group supported Samsung. Then I collaborated with LG to make a new business. At that time, I participated in LiMo foundation as core member and my team closely supported LG. Even though LiMo foundation could not give a big impact to the market, they were combined with Intel's MeeGo and built Tizen Association. I continuously followed platform business in ACCESS and had managed DLNA and HbbTV solution team as a team leader.

Senior Software Engineer

VK (Viable Korea)
May 2003 ~ Jul 2006 (3 year 3 months)

VK (Viable Korea) was GSM phone manufacturer. When I joined to VK, I could learn core knowledge during proceeding GCF certification. I contributed to launch GSM phone for Vodafone with our brand name as a technical leader. After this launching, I became a Europe team leader and then in order to get the approval from customers, I had to go everywhere they want to meet us.

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